I avoided Black Friday completely this year. I did not get up early and go to the stores and I did not venture into them later in the day looking for left over specials. It turns out that it didn’t matter since there were still plenty of Black Friday priced items in the stores today when we went out.

It was actually a bit surprising when we found that Target still had quite a few of the items from the ad were still available. We did pretty well at Target. I can’t go into detail about what was purchased since there are sneaky kids that can read this. Walmart also had a lot of the specials still out on the sales floor – GPS units for $79, Blu-Ray players for $69, clothes, toys, etc.

This can be looked at two ways – maybe the sales weren’t as big a deal this year since everything has been on sale for the last three weeks or maybe the stores stocked extra merchandise in the back and brought it out for the Saturday shoppers. Also, in years when I went out early and shopped, Walmart would start progressively marking down all the special items that had not sold within two hours so they could clear it all out. I bet they are no longer doing that so a lot of the items stayed in place.

So, today was all about the discounts and we even knocked out most of the grocery list also. One more day off and then it is back to work. The break has been nice.