The Friday Roundup

I keep meaning to write about how my neighbor believes that our neighborhood is haunted by ghosts and that our homes are built on a slave cemetery. I guess we now know the true reason why she has her house up for sale. I also now know why my pots and pans keep flying around the house and I keep hearing someone whispering “get out” in the middle of the night.


If I get any definite proof of a haunting, I will make sure to share it here immediately.

Today at the post office the man in front of me in line asked me for a ‘case quarter’. I had no change so it was easy to say no even though I had no idea exactly what he meant. Well, he meant he wanted to give me 2 dimes and a nickel for a real quarter so he could get a paper from the machine out front. A ‘case quarter’ is a whole quarter vs. loose change. Interesting, huh?


We had date night tonight which means we sent the kids off with other people while we went out to eat and went to a movie.

We had a romantic dinner at the most stylish place in town.


We saw “Morning Glory” after our fine dinner of eggs, bacon, and toast. I enjoyed it. It may not win the Oscar but what other movie would be cool enough to feature cameos by Bob Schieffer, Morley Safer and Chris Matthews? I’ll take a good, solid comedy over a movie about out of control trains any day.


That was Friday and another week of work is in the books.