3 days before Christmas and I am barely awake

Where, oh where is my holiday energy? I am dragging. There must be too much yule in the air and it is making me sleepy.

It looks like we might have our first White Christmas in 17 years! I’m not sure what possessed me to go out in the snow and take pictures of the last one in ‘93.

If the forecast holds together, we could get anywhere from nothing up to 6 inches starting late Christmas Eve! It just depends on who you listen to. I expect them to change the forecast to “Sunny and 80 degrees” tomorrow.

christmas snow_2

We did get out and visit the recently reopened Opryland Hotel this week. The decorations were excellent as usual and the crowd wasn’t too bad. It’s hard to believe that most of the hotel was under 10 feet of water from the May flood and it’s even harder to believe that they fixed it all in just 6 months. I’ve been going there to see the Christmas decorations for years. There is something quite special about it.

One more day of work this week. How many cups of coffee will it take to make it through?