Almost Christmas

As we get closer to Christmas, The Elf on the Shelf have gotten even more brave and daring. We found him on the ceiling fan yesterday.


This morning he went even higher. I think he’s nutty.


Our snow chance has gone back up and that will sort of wreck our plans for my family to come to the house on Saturday. They won’t drive in the snow and if I try to drive there I will never hear the end of how I risked all of our lives!


3 to 4 inches would be a whopper for us. We just don’t have the road clearing capability that they have north of us. When I lived in Cincinnati I drove to work one morning with 13 inches on the ground. 13 inches here would paralyze us for at least a week!

On thing we are doing different for Christmas this year is no longer having the Christmas cam on Christmas Eve. It was a hoot the 3 years we did it but this year I prefer to curl up under a Slanket with a nice cup of Egg Nog without having to go back and forth and check on the camera!

That’s it. Tomorrow, we begin the holiday weekend!