Battle of the Wearable Blankets – The Snuggie vs. The Slanket

I gave in to the hype last year and purchased each of us a Snuggie on the day after Thanksgiving when they were on sale for $9.99 at Walgreeens.


I got a little use out of it before I got tired of being continuously zapped by static electricity. I also didn’t like the way the Snuggie did not cover my feet. It was just a tad too short. If you’re being lazy, you want to be completely lazy and relaxed and it’s hard to be lazy and relaxed with frozen toes.

Last week I saw that QVC was offering the Slanket for $19.99 shipped. I had read that the Slanket was a superior product. The fabric was supposed to be thicker and softer and longer (more than enough to cover the toes) and less prone to static electricity.

I was actual a bit excited when the package finally arrived.


The nerd in me emerged and I had to compare my new Slanket to my old Snuggie. The length problem is certainly not a factor for the slanket.

slanket length

Also, the fabric of the Slanket really is thicker.


The best part is the softness and the lack of zaps. Yes, it’s a bit too long to walk around in but I have no urge to walk around looking like some cult member waiting for the spaceship to swoop in and pick me up. The Slanket is perfect for those long winter nights when it is just you and your remote.


I could fall asleep in this. It is really that comfortable. So, my adult snuggies have been given to the kids. The Slanket is my new favorite wearable blanket.

Maybe next year I can become even more of an anti-social bum and order a pair of these: