Christmas Eve!

The house is oddly quiet now but that will all change soon. We brought all of the presents here and anal-retentively organized them by child to minimize Christmas Present Passing Out Chaos Disorder. CPPOCD is something children ages 4-11 are quite prone to. At 12, they turn into tiny hipsters and try to pretend they are cool and don’t care (even though they are about to poop in anticipation).


The Elf on the Shelf finally stopped being such a high-flying daredevil and settled down with an old friend for his last night here at the house before tradition deems that he flies away until next year.


I think the kids will have a good Christmas. It’s our first year with very few toys. They’ve grown out of most of it. It won’t be long until all they want is a car and their freedom. So, we’ll enjoy the simpler times while we still can!

Merry Christmas!