Dell E6410 laptop–goodbye and good riddance!

So, there is no good week for your work laptop to go kaput but you don’t want it to happen on a 4 day week and on your busiest day of the week.

Call it bad laptop karma. Around 2:30PM, I am feverishly keying stuff into the system when all of a sudden I appear to be unable to type correctly. For the first five minutes of getting more and more frustrated, I thought I needed a bit of coffee or I was having some sort of mental lapse. That’s when I realized that I was having to hit every fourth or fifth key twice. Then, programs started closing themselves and the computer would randomly type a letter here and there.

A reboot did not resolve it. A reboot with all of the USB stuff removed did not resolve it. By the third reboot, the keyboard was only staying responsive long enough to log in and the touchpad would not work.

I finally had to pull the hard drive to get my files off of it. I had last done a back up on 11/30 so there was quite a bit to copy over.


Thank goodness I work in IT and have a laptop drive USB caddy. Thank goodness I didn’t turn in my old work laptop but kept it as a spare – just in case something crazy like this happened.


I had nothing but problems with this laptop all 3 months I had it (I thought I had been suffering for 4 months until I reviewed the paperwork tonight). Windows 7 gave me fits. I had to redo the whole thing twice and still was having random blue screens and freeze ups. I can’t tell if I have a lemon or what but it is being packed up tomorrow and returned. I am done fighting this fight and will gladly go back to XP for now.

Geek talk over. More Christmas stuff tomorrow.