If flu shots don’t make you sick, is it just a coincidence that I feel like I’ve bit hit by a truck?

I don’t know exactly what has happened but I have felt “off” since I got up this morning and I must have woke up about 10 times last night. All of this has happened after getting my super-mega-flu shot yesterday.


I didn’t go there particularly for the flu shot. I went because I had an appointment with my nemesis, the sphygmomanometer.


Once again, I squeaked out right under where I would have to be to go on the high blood pressure meds full time. It’s actually down compared to last year which is amazing because I would think the stress level is actually up due to the holidays plus I haven’t lost much off of my full-figured Santa belly. I just have to keep checking it at home and call back if it moves up. Thanks to my good reading I get a six month refill on my allergy meds! What a reward!

Maybe tomorrow I will wake up feeling 100% and ready to take on the world in various calm, low stress activities.