Another year, another trip to Walmart

I woke up this morning to everything exactly like I had left it in 2010. There was no Mr. Fusion installed on the Ford Contour. There was no 3-D hologram television in the living room. None of us are employed at Spacely’s Sprockets. 2011 is looking a lot like 2010.


I did stay up and watch some of the New Years Eve broadcasts. My new tradition is watching Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper uncomfortable and she was in fine form again last night.


On the tape delay, I watched a little of the NBC program (boring) and Dick Clark (I feel guilty for watching him and I feel guilty for being uncomfortable watching him).

Today we took down the Christmas tree and returned the last of the Christmas paraphernalia to the attic. I love the holidays but I am sure glad to have my house no longer being held hostage by Kris Kringle.