Frappé is the French word for laxative, right?


Who needs to spend big bucks on Super Colon Blow when you drive over to McDonalds and get the same result for a lot less money?

In other news, the kids go back to school tomorrow. The city is actually opening while the county is staying closed. Instead of making it easy for us, they did decide to go one hour late tomorrow which totally messes up your morning when you are supposed to be working at 8:20 and not sitting in line waiting to drop off the kids at school.

I’m not sure how much safer it will be waiting 1 hour to get out and drive. Let’s see, it’s supposed to be 10 degrees at 7:20 and 15 degrees at 8:20. Yeah, I can see how everything will be melting nicely at 15 degrees.

Then they get a three day weekend since Monday is a holiday.

And the forecast for Tuesday is rain changing to snow.

And spring is 2 months and 1 week away.