My pass-me-down 1st generation iPod Touch–how did I live without this thing?

It has taken me a long time to give the iPod Touch a chance. My wife has had one for a long time. She got a new one for Christmas and her old 1st generation Touch went back in the box. Out of utter curiosity, I pulled it out the other day to find out what I have been missing by having Zunes all these years.

What I have been missing are the apps. I’m not talking about the games even though I am suffering from a huge case of Angry Birds Addiction now. I am talking about the news apps from my local TV stations and CNN and MSNBC. And, the Twitter and the Facebook apps are helping keep me from going to those sites on the PC and wasting a ton of time. Did I mention how fast I fly through my gmail now? (Tapping that little trash can is quite a rush!)

So, my morning routine is now supplemented with the iPod Touch which is on the bathroom counter while I am brushing my teeth. I tap through the news and the weather and catch up on everything else all in about 5 minutes. Between this and my Pandigital Novel (which I will be writing about on here soon and is a fully open Android tablet), I have only opened my netbook 3 times in the last two weeks.

How is this a newspaper killer? I stopped subscribing to the big city daily paper two years ago and I dropped our daily local paper last year. I have kept our twice-weekly local paper. I did this because I started reading the news on the computer and had little need for the paper but it is convenient for me because I work on the computer all day. The iPod makes it easy for everyone to drop the paper and saves me a ton of wasted surfing time by just showing me exactly what I need.


Another loser from my discovery of the iPod Touch is my Zune HD which now sits quietly on my bedside table. I have not moved any music to the iPod but I do have my podcasts syncing there now which is primarily what I used my Zune HD for. The Zune HD does have internet browsing but the lack of apps makes everything too clunky.

So, between my Pandigital Novel and the iPod Touch, I could eliminate multiple other gadgets and reduce the time I spend on my laptop. I think this will be the year of “less is more”  technology-wise for me.

So, I finally discovered what is so great about the iPod Touch. I’m just three years behind the rest of the modern world. It is weird considering I work with computers that I am so reluctant to try new technology in my personal life. I guess it is the fact that I don’t want to have to deal with learning and supporting new gadgets on my personal time since I have to learn and support software all day long at work!

In other news, more snow is on the way.

more snow

Summer just can’t get here quick enough. We used to go out and take pictures when the snow was coming down because it was so rare. That magic is starting to vanish!