New year, new dog

Today we picked up our new dog. I am so used to my sleep pattern of being up and down all night after Angel, then 2 babies, then Alex that I didn’t want to change it now (sarcasm). Just like Alex, Sadie’s owner couldn’t care for her any longer. I don’t know the full story but it is sad to think about having to give up your pet.
I’m sure she will be spoiled in the manner that she deserves.
Unlike Alex, she is quite a climber so there will be no hiding anything from her. I live in fear of what she is capable since she seems to prefer sitting on the high part of the back of the chair and she also seemed to want to sit on the end table instead of the couch. She also has a really long tail that will be really effective at knocking things in the floor.
Stay tuned for what she chews up first and how many times she wakes me up tonight to go out.