Old Man Winter Sends a Message

Yep, the Old Man reminded us that winter has only just begun.


Huge flakes came showering down but didn’t stay long. Rain washed it all away shortly after.


We got another batch of it about two hours ago but it too has melted. Snow is in the forecast for 5 of the next 6 days and I doubt we’ll be lucky enough to have it melt so quickly each time.

In other news, I’d call today a nerve-racking day at work. I should have just shut the laptop at noon and walked off because it just got worse as the day went on. I guess those days have to happen now and then. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

My other hobby lately is keeping the dogs from ripping each other apart. About 1:30AM, one dog must have invaded the personal space of the other dog and we were all awakened to the sound of 100 attack dogs shredding a weasel. So, I now have my secret weapon deployed and in sight at all times – the fly swatter. I call it “the whipper” and just showing it usually stops any confrontational behavior. It’s not much fun dealing with two jealous dogs.

That’s it from here. I am so ready for uninterrupted sleep tonight.