Puny Tuesday

Today was a blur of work and tissues and sinus pills.


The sinuses have been working overtime the last day or so. At first I was thinking it was just the change in the weather but now I am not so sure. The weather has changed and I still have this annoying sinus headache. Of course, I take the sinus headache pills and they upset my stomach so it is just a vicious cycle of feeling puny and miserable. And, I can’t call out of work since I am perfectly well enough to prop myself up at the computer. I need to do something more demanding so I can use being puny as an excuse to get a day off and watch old television shows all day. Maybe I need to operate heavy machinery that would be dangerous if I was all hopped up on sinus pills.


Now that I am not working and I can sit around being puny, there is nothing to watch on TV. I did watch Piers Morgan on CNN tonight and he had Howard Stern on with him. It was quite entertaining. Piers is a lot more fast paced than Larry King. Piers is also a lot more lucid that Larry has been for the last decade or so. It’s quite refreshing.

That’s all I’ve got for today. It’s bed time for Mr. Puny.