Waiting for the White Stuff

This isn’t an episode of Miami Vice. The white stuff we’re waiting for is snow and all we did today was listen to reports of the approaching snow which has the potential to shut down just about everything here tomorrow. Once you get over 4 inches, you start to see actual businesses close – malls, theaters, restaurants. It’s quite amazing how quickly what we would have considered a small amount when we lived in Ohio turns into total chaos down here.


I’m tired of all of it. We’ve had so many icy driving days that it has really turned into quite the hassle. The kids end up home from school where I have to work and there are no days off for weather when you work at home and your commute is only 6 feet. I am glad that I am not in Atlanta or Birmingham where they are going to get even more than we are getting and they are completely unprepared for this.

Here’s a picture I just grabbed off of the Atlanta traffic cams. I get down to Atlanta a couple of times a year and traffic is bad enough when it is not snowing.


In other news, I wasn’t worth a penny today. I had to really coffee up to make it through the day awake. I don’t know if the exercise is wearing me out or if it is the two dogs who seem to wake me up right as soon as I am comfortably asleep at night or just a combination of all of this and more but I have had no energy for the last three or four days. I’m hoping that this week is better. What is worse is that I should be asleep right now since I start working in 7 and a half hours and I am wide awake!

Oh, well. Come back for snow pictures tomorrow.