Another end of the world weather freak-out

I remember when a thunderstorm was something to marvel at. You peeked through the windows amazed at the power of nature. You had the common sense to realize that there was a difference between a thunderstorm and an approaching tornado. This was long ago in the days before we were urged to go to tornado shelters two hours before the storms even arrived.

Yes, there are storms on the way. They will be here around 9PM.



Because of this, Vanderbilt University actually postponed a basketball game. Metro Nashville schools cancelled all after-school activities. The Nashville Office of Emergency Management sent out a message advising all citizens to stay in after 6PM. The television stations have been breaking in on every commercial break since 7PM.

We appear to be completely losing our minds. Yes, we need to stay safe and yes, we need to keep an eye on the news when bad weather is approaching. But, do we need to scare people so badly over and over again that we eventually become numb to what is happening and just start ignoring all of this?

When I was a kid, radar was so horrible that I’m not sure how anyone could even read it. When our local weatherman, Bill Hall, told us to get to shelter, we jumped in the closet. His warnings we very rare and very accurate. When he said it, we knew that he meant it. Now we are over-anxious and over-scared. As Bill Hall said a couple of years ago, weather reporting has gotten so overblown and dramatic that they “can’t even let us enjoy a good thunderstorm”.


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