Another weekend passes by with little to show for it

After a week of pretty much constant illness, the weekend finally arrived and I have slowly gotten a bit better. I had no prolonged coughing fits or urges to curl up in the fetal position. That doesn’t mean I accomplished anything.

I dusted the home office. All of our clothes are clean and the house is vacuumed. We caught up on the DVR. We got our grocery shopping done before all of the snow that may or may not be coming this week.

new wx

We rented two movies at the Redbox.


One was pretty good (“RED”). The other (“Solitary Man”) was so bad I turned it off 15 minutes in and I feel like demanding a 75 cent refund directly from Michael Douglas. I really need to learn that these quasi-indie films all stink. I should have remembered how horrible “Greenberg” was a couple of months back.

I’m wasting the rest of the day by watching some football. I won’t stay up for all of it. I really don’t care who wins but the commercials have been pretty good.

Now, on to Monday!