I couldn’t think of a good title for this entry

Another weekend has passed with little to show for it. I started the weekend in front of the TV watching Megamind and I am about to end it in front of the TV watching the Oscars. I didn’t fix the shingles on the roof. They are a tad out of reach of my crappy ladder. I borrowed a better ladder and then noticed more loose shingles up at the very top of the roof so I will just give in and call the pros on that one. Maybe the loose ones will blow off in tomorrow’s severe weather outbreak that they are warning us about. I’ll wait and call after the storms pass.

I’m back on the Mucinex. I’m trying to clear out all of the congestion that popped back up this week. I am so tired of sneezing fits. I’m always afraid that I might blow out an eyeball on the fourth sneeze.

The Oscars – I doubt I will stay up for all of it. So far, there have been weird, awkward pauses and jokes that just didn’t quite make sense. I haven’t seen many of the nominated films this year. The kids mostly control the movie budget around here so I did see Toy Story 3 and I didn’t really love it – it was ok, I guess. Give me a Monsters, Inc. sequel and I’ll be happy.

Finally, how is this for a weather headline? This is a notice from our local emergency management agency:

Strong to severe storms with potential for tornadic development early Mon morning through noon.

As a system moves through our area overnight, Monday morning through noon could bring way for damaging winds, hail and the possibility for several long tracked strong tornadoes, and straight line winds.

Yes, I’ll be taking this one a tad more seriously than I did the last one.