Another day in the rain

The kids had their writers conference at the local university this morning. The rain was pouring as we walked between buildings. It was cool outside and the heat was on inside. I popped myself in the head with the handle of my umbrella repeatedly to stay awake. By 10AM, I was seriously regretting skipping my morning coffee.


Stupidly, we followed this up with a trip to the local Chinese buffet where, on my one previous trip, I had stated I would never eat again. This happened because the good Chinese restaurant in town was packed, we were all wet, Sara wanted Chinese and nothing else, and I was starving.

My intestines are still suffering. I’ve seen cleaner bathrooms in truck stops so I can only imagine what the kitchen looked like.

You think it can’t get worse than this? We followed this up with a trip to Walmart.

You might call it insanity. I just call it Saturday.