Elizabeth Taylor

MSNBC has posted an article declaring that Elizabeth Taylor was ‘the last movie star’ and if we consider what ‘movie star’ once meant, I would have to say that they are right.

When I think of Elizabeth Taylor, I think glamour and there is a certain mystique about her. For most of my life, she has not had a starring role in movies but she not only maintained her status as one of the top members of Hollywood royalty, but watched her popularity soar right up until the end of her life. There was something special about Elizabeth Taylor that even her own messy personal life could not diminish. She was our last true link to the glitz of old Hollywood.

In movies today, nothing is left to the imagination and I think that takes away from the stature of those acting. Instead of being larger than life, they are merely a diversion and we seem to enjoy seeing them brought down a notch when their indiscretions are posted on TMZ.

Take us back to the days of Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor. Our world is not the same without them.