Good TV: Hill Street Blues

Thanks to the internet magic that is Hulu, I’ve been watching Hill Street Blues starting with episode one. I was curious about the show because I remember it but only watched it once or twice when it was on the air. It’s probably best that I waited. I doubt I would have realized just how good this show is. The writing is superb. The casting is phenomenal.

Anthony Yerkovitch wrote and produced many episodes. He left the show to create Miami Vice. I think season one of Miami Vice has many examples of some of the best television ever created. (To me, the rest of the seasons of Miami Vice were disappointing compared to the first year.) So far, I’ve seen a couple of people from Miami Vice pop up in Hill Street Blues.

I urge you to give it a shot (no pun intended). It holds up quite well against any show on TV today and is much better than most.