The Cleaning Fairy arrives

Over the years, I have had to go into a lot of warehouses and wire a lot of stuff. That means zip ties, zip ties, and more zip ties. If there is a way for a wire to wiggle loose in a warehouse, it will. Having to do this so many times explains my disdain for zip ties and my incredibly bad luck of having to snip 100 zip ties when a cable somehow self destructs or the entire place gets closed. My disdain for zip ties is why my personal wiring looked a lot like this:


No, I’m not proud of this or the mummified insects or the multiple knots that had someone self-generated. I’m also not proud of how this wasted the corner of our living room and blocked our one measly window.

I am proud to announce that the window has been freed and the mess of wires have been tamed.


I also reorganized the home office and I was able to get rid of horribly out of place shelving that had been making my office area look like something out of government surplus.


Simplify, simplify, simplify.

I wish I could reduce the bulletin board explosion but I picked through all of it and seem to need it all when I least expect it. System shortcuts, Office Max coupons, calendars, etc. – these are the things that make the business world go round.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am exhausted. It seems like something has been happening from 5:30AM to 9:30PM every day and I am so ready for a weekend filled with, well, nothing. We might try to go see the Hop movie at the drive-in. I haven’t been to a drive-in since the early 80’s so that will be an interesting experience. I also recall seeing Saturday Night Fever at the drive-in. I’m hoping Hop will be better.