There is no flux capacitor and that is a good thing

No matter how hard you fight it, there are those days when you try to figure out how you got to exactly where you are and you start telling yourself how much better things might be if you had only done this, or had not done that, or had said more, or had not said anything.

Life does not have one of these buttons.


If life were like my old Atari VCS, I would also set the difficulty switch to B. The reality is that our difficulty switches seem to be super-glued in the A position most of the time.

On Facebook this morning, this was the status of someone I first met nearly 20 years ago - “If I could go back in time, I would do it all differently. I guess everyone says that....”

Here is what I wrote in response:

I would have bought stock in Apple. I would have worn less hats. I would have eaten a lot more food when I had a higher metabolism. I would have listened to The Cure more and Falco less.

I've been through this. Reviewed all of the probably 10,000 things I would have done differently and trust me, there are probably 10,000. I came to realize that none of it matters. The past is over and good riddance. This was also the time that I shredded and threw out a bunch of stuff from the past - photos, journals, you name it. It was the best thing I ever did.

I was in a meeting a few years back and our boss - one of the finest people I have known- came out to go over the budget. I'll never forget what he said. Instead of sugar-coating it, he said exactly what we knew - he said, "We suck. But, you know what? Next year, we're going to suck less." He nailed it.

Now, every day, I just try to suck less.