Today, my daughter had a dentist appointment. But, before that, I stupidly took them shopping. We visited a toy store with live bunnies you can pick up and pet. Unfortunately, one of them was nervous and my kid made the bunny freak out and, of course, the bunny felt the need to bite me before I could put it back in its cage. So much for holiday joy.


Did I mention that they beg for every article of clothing available in every clothing store?

In good news, we finally got a copy of Wii Sports Resort and it is a hoot. It’s very much worth the $12 I paid for my used copy. I already had the motion remotes. I find the extra motion remotes quite annoying and I think Nintendo should be slapped for making us add attachments to our remotes every time we want to play certain games and then having to take them off every time we want to play something else. Bad Nintendo!

That’s it. I’m going to go read the Nook and go to sleep. The vacation is almost over. I just have to get through the movies tomorrow.