What I did on my spring vacation–so far

I went from working for the man to working at the house in the landscaping division.

I bought 10 bags of mulch. That is 400 pounds of the stinky stuff.


Combine that with my last-ditch efforts to re-seed the yard and I am spending a lot of time outside. All of the rain we had in the last year has torn the yard to pieces. What didn’t wash away appears to have drowned.

These stones are in place to prevent all of this from washing away again this year.


All three trees are going to bloom this year! My Walmart specials survived the winter!


In gadget news, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my new Nook. I sat at Barnes & Noble and read for my one hour of allotted time on Saturday. You can read any e-book for free for an hour on your Nook in-store. I also sat and read today while the kids were burning off energy at the indoor pool. The Nook is quickly becoming my favorite gadget. I’ll write more about it sometime in the future.


I have even more excitement planned for today. I’m about to leave for a haircut and later tonight, I will be mopping the kitchen floor. Who needs the beach or Disney World when you be making memories right at home!