Back in Time

I took today off and went to see my parents. The house has barely changed in the last 35 years – a few updates here and there but basically still the house I pretty much grew up in (we moved in right before I turned 3).

I ran some errands and took care of some odds and ends and basically tried not to consider that they are getting older and frailer right before my eyes. I went through all of this with my grandmother years ago so it’s almost like déjà vu even though it seems like time is slowed down for this. Maybe it’s because I am also older and have to deal with this while also handling all of my “big person” responsibilities that I didn’t have way back when.

It’s weird how quickly times seems to pass when you’re not paying attention and how slow it seems to drag when you get to the point that you jump every time the phone rings at an unusual time (or freak out when no one answers the phone within 5 or 6 rings).

Also, being at home reminded me of my 20-year high school reunion coming up that I am leaning toward not attending yet again. The invitation sits here and taunts me but my cheapness will most likely win out. ($165 for two people! Are they nuts?!?)

So many things to consider on a not-so-typical day off.

It was nice driving back tonight in the old Contour with the windows down and Buffalo Tom playing way too loud and remembering that only 17 or 18 years ago I was driving down the same streets in my old Cavalier with Buffalo Tom playing way too loud.