Extreme Facebook Picture Tagging

I was tagged in a photo this weekend where I am sitting about 40 to 50 feet behind the main subjects in the picture. Of course, this is now my new profile picture.


Monday was filled with work and the weekend was filled with running all over the place. We did get some Spring Cleaning time in and finally tackled the books that had overflowed across shelves all over the house. The thrift store ended up being the lucky recipient of 9 Walmart bags and 1 big box full of books, cds, and DVD’s. I’m just glad to see all of this stuff go.

I don’t understand why we buy DVD’s. There is rarely a movie I want to see more than once. And, most of the music we buy is online now.

Books are different. There were a lot of the kids books from when they were tiny tiny. There were also books I had hauled around since junior high. I finally decided that no, I most likely will not ever read that copy of O. Henry’s Short Stories that I bought in 1989. There is also no point in keeping all of the Garrison Keillor books I read 15 years ago. Also, I can download most of the classics for free on the Nook.

The bad thing about the Nook is all of the free books available. A lot of the free books are crap but I am curious and love free stuff so I download all types of free books just to see how far I can get before I have to give up and delete them. I read one a couple of weeks ago that was so bad. I won’t name it here. I once, many years ago, wrote a not-so-flattering review of a novel on Amazon and the author (who was a New York Times bestselling author) actually wrote to me and chewed me out for it. Luckily, the “real” reviewers sided with me but it was still an awkward and uncomfortable experience.

I guess tomorrow is Tuesday. Just four more days until the weekend!!