From my dusty box of cassettes: Coyote McCloud and Y-107

If you’re not from these parts, you may have never heard the name Coyote McCloud. I grew up with Coyote on the radio and “back in the day” he was considered a “shock jock”. It’s amazing how tame he was compared to what is on today. Half of the songs are so bleeped out that I can’t understand what they are saying.

Coyote passed away yesterday and I went into my cassettes looking for the couple of tapes I thought I had with some Coyote clips on them and here they are. I didn’t have much but what I did have shows that Coyote wasn’t really a shocker but he was dedicated to the job and loved what he was doing.

Via the magic of cassette tape, let’s journey together back to the 80’s:

I also found a couple of other Y-107 clips – one of the infamous “Eat My Shorts” dedications and another of the song “Drive Like a Nashvillian” which is just as true today as it was 25 years ago!


  1. You're a hero for putting these on the internet! - @Y107Tookie


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