It’s all downhill from here

- to the weekend, that is! Because it’s hump day! Of course, we covered that last week.


I added the bird feeder to my outside view. I wanted to see something other than the shed and thought birds fighting over seed might be fun. I also can now watch closely for the evil squirrels.

We got news tonight that one of my favorite DJ’s passed away. Coyote McCloud was quite popular here in the 80’s. I met him in ‘81 or ‘82 at a radio station where I had won a phone and last saw him a couple of years ago at the fair here. I could care less about seeing most of the stars around here (and there are plenty lurking around these parts) but I was always excited to see Coyote.

Farewell, Coyote! Thanks for all of the laughs.


Of course, radio is trying to be more like an iPod now and the personality is getting sucked right out of it. I think that is a shame.

Now, on to Thursday.