Photo Round-up

I cleaned out my recent Blackberry pictures.

Here’s a cloud that I thought looked like a jumping poodle.


Here’s corporate America using a holiday to promote obesity and diabetes (or diabeetus, if you are Wilford Brimley).


This is the evil Sadie right after she was groomed. I had to go pick her up in a driving downpour and I believe she laughed at me.


This is a triple order of hashbrowns at Waffle House. I took a picture because I will never be foolish enough to order this again.


I took this in traffic. I would never, ever, put these decals on the back of my car unless my kids had been very bad and I wanted them to be terminally embarrassed.


I took this picture this morning when Lindsay and I went to Watertown, TN to eat breakfast. This was in an antique store and if the price had been $20, Maurice would be sitting on the shelf in my living room right now.


We’re about to go eat. If something really exciting happens, I’ll take a picture.


  1. That would be one day to cripple the dating prospects of your daughters. Something to keep in mind when they make it to high school...

  2. Hmmm. That actually sounds like a good idea. I'll have to go ahead and buy those stickers for then!

  3. Buy extra, just in case they try to peel them off and hide them. Enough to last you until they graduate from medical school or the Wharton School of Business. Or both.


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