Cicada Time

It’s cicada time in Tennessee!

I wish the red eyes lit up at night like little LED’s.


I think the way they fly directly at you and land on you with their very sticky little legs is what bothers people the most. Once they have landed, they do their best to stay attached.


We’re only in the first couple of days with the cicadas. They’ll be all over the place within a week or so and they’ll be singing their quite annoying song. The dogs will be trying to eat them and we’ll just be trying to keep them from flying into the house.


Our weekend was another blur. Monday was a bit better but there was so much to do and that made it fly by. I’m going to end this night watching a little hockey. Nashville is already down by 2. How they can go to Vancouver and win and then fly home and lose is one of those mysteries I just don’t understand.