It looks like a hurricane is heading toward us!


That is what is heading this way tonight. We’re already being warned of the pending severe weather outbreak with possible large, long-track tornadoes.

Even with all of this notice, what can you actually do? When you see destruction on TV like we have this week, what could the people of Joplin have done? There is nothing left. It seems many survived by sheer luck and circumstance. There was no safe place to take shelter.

We can blame the climate but we’ve seen weather like this before. We just have the ability to see the images faster now and the more remote areas of the country are getting more and more populated. Where a tornado would have hit nothing forty years ago, it destroys a whole subdivision today.

Our subdivision was built in 2006. Before that, it was farmland. The repeated roof damage has been only slightly annoying but it is unnerving. We sit here on our concrete slab waiting to see if the “big one” will one day come.

I guess this will be another night by the TV and the weather radio!