Long Weekend in Pictures

I took Friday off so the holiday weekend turned into a mini-vacation. Going back to work today was ROUGH. I’m already ready for Friday.

Here is dessert from lunch on Sunday. Mmmmmm. Couldn’t even eat half of it. What a terrible waste.


Here is Mo Luvin’! I tweeted it but it’s worth repeating for the blog.


Target is promoting summer with giant corn and giant sunglasses.



I finally figured out what to do with all of the license plates I have had lying around for years – annoy the neighbors with a redneck outdoor shed display.


Don’t worry – I had some for the other side also. I just need to paint it red and put “SEE ROCK CITY” on there in huge letters.


To top it off, I bought these for the yard.


I also bought a used white DSi so I can play against the kids on all of their video games and so we can use the Walking tracking program that I have coming from Amazon. I really need to do something to walk off the cake.

That’s about it. Nothing profound happened this weekend. We tried to do as little as possible. I did see a couple of movies but I’ll write about them another time.