My Wallet Keeps Getting Emptier

I started off shelling out money to the roofer who suggested that I will probably need a new roof if another big storm comes in and rips off more shingles. This was my second repair so far this spring and I watched him reseal a bunch of shingles up there that didn’t get ripped off but did get pulled back. There’s another line of storms on the way right now so I am keeping my fingers crossed for no more 70 mph wind!


We’ve had nothing to compare with the horrible mess in Missouri. I thought that the Alabama tornadoes were bad enough but it seems like this one was just as strong and hit an even more populated area. I’ve seen pictures of bark stripped off of trees and sidewalks sucked right out of the ground. It’s just unbelievable and it makes me wonder how anyone survived a direct hit.

In other news, we took Lindsay back to the doctor again today as we can’t seem to get her stomach issues in check. Our $150 medicine is not working (yes, that is after insurance!) so we ended up being sent to the hospital for x-rays.


We’ll get the results back tomorrow. I had a good look at the x-rays and they made about as much sense to me as the instructions that came with the last bike I put together. If this is inconclusive, the next step is a cat scan. The doctor explained to her that this involves wearing a cat on your head so I think she is actually hoping she actually gets to do it.


However, he is hopeful that this is something minor that can be cleared up with the right medicine. I guess we will know tomorrow. We’re staying positive and hoping to get her through this pretty soon.

Finally, some crazy bird decided to build a nest and lay eggs in the wreath on our door and now we have 5 baby birds and we can’t approach our own front door without fear of getting pecked in the head. And, yes, they have turned that wreath into a toxic waste dump so it will have to be trashed once they move away.


I like how the one bird is looking right in the camera. That’s the one I want to name and keep.