Sleepy Friday

I’ve been sleepy all day. I don’t think I’ve caught up on sleep since staying up to watch the President Sunday night. I was reading over some notes this morning when I realized I was actually slowly falling toward the page I was reading and this was right after drinking some coffee.

Maybe being half-asleep most of the day is why I noticed that Walmart has changed their ultra-cheapo bottled water on us. There’s nothing like leaning forward to pull out a bottle and hardly having any cap to grab. I’m certain that these changes saved Walmart at least 1.2 cents a bottle.


Yes, I know that I am destroying the environment by buying bottled water. I find the safety of having a closed bottle of water near my PC comforting. I also like grabbing a bottle to take in the car when I have to drive somewhere. I guess I could always find alternatives to sending these to the landfill. Maybe I can bury them in the backyard or just burn them. The fumes couldn’t possibly be poisonous.

If I was a bit more awake, I probably wouldn’t notice stuff like the water bottles being different. Regardless of my energy level, I’m sure I would have noticed this extra special truck personalization:


Yep, he’s driving a Timzda. I would like to have been where ever he went to have this done just to hear him explain it to them. I wonder when he came up with this idea. I’m thinking he must have been sitting on the toilet when the inspiration hit. That’s where I typically have ideas of this caliber.