We interrupt all the world news for some Fleetwood Mac

I’m not a big Glee fan but tonight is Fleetwood Mac night. I do consider myself a pretty big Fleetwood Mac fan. Their songs never get old to me and, since I am tired of all of the political talk out there, here are some great Fleetwood Mac songs:

Let me end with a song that was not a huge hit but is probably in my top ten of favorite songs. There’s nothing better than a totally weird 80’s video. Yes, the name of the album was ‘Mirage’ and that explains all the desert stuff. I still haven’t figured out why the desert is full of abandoned guitars and why the guys look like they just walked out of Animal Planet


  1. Ahhh yes! I used to watch this video on MTV (MUSIC Television for you young ones). Awesome band, awesome song & video.


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