Crazy Hot


It was just about brutal out there today. The temperature is staying in the lower 90’s but the dew points are up to the lower 70’s so it doesn’t take long out there to get caked in sweat. I went out for my doctor’s appointment at 9:30AM and it was already a scorcher. With all of the rain coming this week, I had no choice but to mow this evening and it was hot even with the sun mostly down.

The good news from the doctor was normal blood pressure. This was my first completely normal check up in two years though it has been gradually going down with each appointment. I go back in a year and only have to keep taking my allergy pills and staying away from too much bad foods and stress (ha). I guess one out of two will have to do.

Aside from the doctor, today was fairly quiet. I’ve got a bit more going on tomorrow but that just makes the day go by faster.