Dog Days

Ah, the dogs have the good life here at the home office.


Sadie does her best to watch me work until she collapses due to the sheer boredom.

sleepy dogs

I’m typing this entry on my latest crazy eBay purchase – the Alphasmart 3000. I wanted one of these a long time ago when I only had a desktop PC at the house and I wanted to have the ability to easily write when I was out and about. Fast forward about 7 years and now I have a laptop and a netbook. I somehow came across a message board thread last week on NANOWRIMO discussing the Alphasmart and that renewed my interest.


I no longer feel like I am tied down to a desktop but I do want something that gives me the ability to quickly type up a blog entry or an idea without having to fire up the laptop. It’s like a virtual scratch pad. There are 8 button-accessible file locations and the file saves as I type. I don’t have to worry about writing a bunch of stuff in a notebook and then having to dread re-typing it once I get back to the PC. I can just fire it all out at one time on the Alphasmart and then transfer it to the PC whenever I want.

Not bad for $36 shipped! These things were over $150 back when I wanted one before. I’m thinking that I am really going to enjoy this device and I think it will help me write more than I have before just because it is so simple. I’m also thinking about adding a tab to the blog with some of the technical details I have found on it so other people might be able to avoid having to Google and visit all kinds of sites looking for information.

Enough about my new toy. There’s more rain coming in and we have to get out in it to go to church tonight. As much as we need the rain, I am starting to hope for just one sunny and dry day to break up the pattern we appear to be trapped in here lately.


  1. I had never even heard of these things before. This would be perfect for me. I spend over half my life waiting in a minivan on one kid or another. My best ideas occur when I have no way to record them other than scribbling on the back of a McDonald's receipt. I'm trolling eBay to get one for myself. Thanks for the tip!


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