Movie Round-up

We saw three movies this weekend – one on cable and two in the theater.

Before I tell you what I thought of those, I need to go back to last weekend and fill you in on the movie the kids had been begging us to take them to every time they had seen the preview over the last few months.

1 Sentence Review: “Redbox it for the kids and go mow the yard”
The kids have read most of the Judy Moody books and they went in with high hopes. Unfortunately, the movie was an original screenplay from the author and there just wasn’t enough material here to carry a whole movie. The kids got bored and I felt like I was being tortured at Guantanamo. I learned two things: the earning of thrill points has no standard formula and having a guy in a Bigfoot costume is supposed to somehow increase ice cream sales. You just have to wonder who at the studio could see this and think, “Wow! We have a winner here!”.
1 Sentence Review: “Surprisingly Good!”
Via the mighty magic of cable, we finally watched “Knight and Day”. I was happily surprised. It was slick, smart, and fun.
Tom gets plenty of knocks for being a bit of a nut but he still delivers the goods. Cameron Diaz was just crazy enough to be believable in this role.
1 Sentence Review: “Best kids movie so far this year”
This is what a movie for the kids should be: Yes, there is a lesson (Ignorant parent realizes he needs to straighten up thanks to penguins), but it is not gooey and overdone. The movie is big on the funny and doesn’t attempt to be overly believable. The kids loved it and the adults laughed a lot. I think this is a huge win for Jim Carrey. I’m amazed that it was not the #1 movie for the weekend since the place was packed.
My prediction is that it will be much better than what I think is a very over-hyped “Cars 2” that opens next week.
1 Sentence Review: “Another Woody Classic”
I was looking forward to this one due to all of the good reviews. The theater was packed and the reviews were right – the scenes where Owen Wilson is in “old” Paris are really entertaining. What gets cringe-worthy at times is how good Owen Wilson is at playing Woody Allen – he’s down-right neurotic at times and he speaks at a million miles a minute. So, if Owen is playing Woody, I wonder who Rachel McAdams is supposed to be? I wonder if Woody is firing a shot at Mia Farrow in this one because the fiancée character is portrayed as completely selfish and overly self-absorbed.

This movie is “Hannah and Her Sisters”/”Crimes and Misdemeanors” good. I think Oscar may come calling on this one.

I’m thinking the next movie I’ll see, unless the kids sneak one in on me, will be “Larry Crowne”. The previews look good. Another good preview was for “The Descendants” with George Clooney.

That’s all for now. I need to get off of the laptop and head to bed. The weekend is over. I have to get up and work tomorrow. Oh, poo.