Sunday Ramblings

I’m considering turning the blog responsibilities over to Alex the Dog. She seems right at home in front of the computer.


The next picture is from last Sunday but it looked a lot like this today so I thought I would use it. Even the electricity got knocked out for a couple of hours by the storms that moved through this morning.


This picture is from Wednesday before last. I don’t remember it being a particularly bad day but I was tempted to hide when I saw the temperature. I took a picture just in case.


Finally, I discovered a new singer via the XO podcast that I listen to. Before I get to the music, here is a bit about the podcast. A warning: this is a family-friendly blog. The XO podcast is a podcast for those 18 and over so there might be some wirty-dords in there. If you can handle it, the latest episode, #25 (version 1 has the first song below in it), is really good. It is called  “5 years missing” and it is a very personal, honest, and eye-opening account of a marriage falling apart. Now, on to the music.

This is Emily. She is on the You Tube and writes these songs. I do not possess this level of talent so I shall live vicariously through her talent. Enjoy. The first song, as I said, is the one that was in the podcast. The second song is another one that I really liked. You can see all of her stuff here.

OK – onward into another exciting week.