Canada Day 2011

What a week! I am glad that this one is over. I had extra Canada work to do this week and it made the week seem twice as long. I won’t go into the boredom that is my job but I have these morning processes for our Canada locations that I run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Well, I had to run it Monday and Friday this week. It’s a fun way to spend three or four hours. Now, I am brain dead, but enough on that. It is the weekend! And, it is Canada Day! That means grilling out and bringing out the big flag.

canada day 2011_1

This year, it also meant running out of propane as soon as I put the chicken on the grill so we got to make an emergency propane Walmart run and I was so hungry by the time that the food was ready that I was seriously considering throwing a waffle in the toaster and giving up.

So, through the power of my Canada VPN, we are watching the Canada Day concert on the big screen. The royals are there and you might be able to barely see them in this blurry picture.

canada day 2011_2

We’re waiting for the fireworks and then we will collapse in a tired heap. I am hoping that I can sleep in tomorrow. Getting up at 5:30 am (or earlier when insomnia stopped in twice this week) has been rough. I’m normally up at 6 am. What a difference 30 minutes can make.

I’ll write more tomorrow. I have a few blog entries on the Alphasmart that I was just too lazy to post. They may be gibberish. I’m somewhat afraid to look.


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