Fun with Rupert Murdoch–A Story in Tweets and Pictures

used2bbrilliant 7:25AM Live video from the Commons home affairs committee News of the World questionings - Murdoch in an hour - 

used2bbrilliant 7:25AM I love it. The government acts stunned that News Corp took advantage of all of the power that they gave them. They are just as guilty.

used2bbrilliant 8:25AM Everyone on this committee sounds snobby and pretentious. I am going to start talking with a British accent so I can be sarcastic 24/7.

used2bbrilliant 8:37AM #Murdoch and Son are in place for their committee grilling. What a huge load of too little, too late.



used2bbrilliant 8:49AM The real revelation today is that one day James #Murdoch is genetically destined to look like a small frog in a suit.


used2bbrilliant 8:57AM Wow. Rupert #Murdoch should have stepped down a while ago. He's either playing dumb or has a 100,000 mile view of the company.


used2bbrilliant 8:58AM And, this Tom Watson who keeps grilling #Murdoch is a knob. I'd like to pull out all of his dirty laundry for the world to see.

used2bbrilliant 9:11AM Closing News of the World was simply good business. #Murdoch is no dummy. Let's dig into the government corruption that allowed this.

used2bbrilliant 9:21AM So, the most used tag for the #murdoch mess is #hackgate?

used2bbrilliant 10:16AM Rumsfeld best sums up #hackgate: "There are known unknowns.That is to say, we know there are some things we do not know."

used2bbrilliant 10:36AM When and if I make it to 80, I hope I can sit there and hold my bladder as long as #Rupert has today. #hackgate #hashtagforfunonly

used2bbrilliant 10:44AM #Murdoch just stuck it to the Telegraph! Shazam!

JonnieMarbles 10:51AM retweeted by used2bbrilliant It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat


used2bbrilliant 10:54AM Uh, Murdoch was just attacked. Cameras off.


used2bbrilliant 10:58AM It looked like someone threw a whipped cream pie on Rupert Murdoch. Very odd. #hackgate

used2bbrilliant 10:59AM BBC is reporting that it was a shaving cream attack. #Rupert's wife smacked the dude. Good to have a much younger wife!


used2bbrilliant 11:01 AM From BBC: Rupert Murdoch was apparently hit in the face with a plate of shaving foam by a man shouting: "Greedy." #hackgate #rupert

used2bbrilliant 11:03AM Today's questioning of Rupert Murdoch sponsored by the new Fusion ProGlide razor by Gillette. #hackgate #fb

used2bbrilliant 11:05AM Wendi Deng is not only #Rupert's wife but also his bodyguard and she kicks major butt. A star is born!

used2bbrilliant 11:08AM #hackgate #Murdoch coverage on BBC is 10 times better than the US coverage

used2bbrilliant 11:15AM #Murdoch is back with no suit jacket and appears to be freshly shaven also. Where do I sign up for such a unique service? #hackgate

murdoch and turtle man

used2bbrilliant 11:21AM So, Jonnie Marbles pre-tweeted his attack on #Rupert Murdoch. How come MI5 did not intercept the tweet and stop the attack? #hackgate


used2bbrilliant 11:41AM Rebekah Brooks is next! I hope Wendi will be sitting behind her also just in case. #hackgate

used2bbrilliant 11:44AM Wife of the Year Wendi Murdoch is not there. Rebekah is on her own! #hackgate


used2bbrilliant 12:18PM Rebekah Brooks is boring. Fox should have cancelled her show years ago. #hackgate

used2bbrilliant 1:00PM Rebekah Brooks - The Hair. A new horror show coming to Fox this fall. #hackgate