I am all holiday-ed out. I never thought about how this weekend lined up for four days of non-stop holiday action until I was trying to keep my eyes open last night while sitting in a hot parking lot watching fireworks. We started with Canada Day on Friday. Saturday is a blur. I can’t remember exactly what we did but I know that the bugs ate me alive.  On Sunday, we ate Chinese for lunch and then grilled out and finished the night with a pyrotechnics display in the driveway. Last night we ended up in that hot driveway after a day of pizza, Target, and general goofing off.

Four days of non-stop action and the result is that I have been dragging all day. Work just plain frazzled me. I could barely concentrate as I went through the to-do list. Other holidays are not so cruel - Thanksgiving is just one day of craziness and Christmas only lasts for two days (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). Trust me, we will never have a Boxing Day cookout.

In other news, I like to have at least one picture with each entry so I’ve decided that I need to take random pictures of things around the house on the days that I don’t get out and do anything picture-worthy.

Here is a picture of a green bean growing in a coffee cup:


Yes, that is in my kitchen window. I’m afraid to put it in a bigger pot outside because I know I will forget to water it and that will be the end of our green bean.

Just ten minutes to bedtime (8:30PM tonight, I hope). Onward and upward to Wednesday!