I read a book by Henry Winkler, take the tv out of the kitchen, and try out Spotify

I couldn’t think of a better title to cover all the things I write about in this entry.


At the library last week, I picked up Henry Winkler’s I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River.


I’ve always been a Henry Winkler fan. He was on Happy Days as I grew up and I loved him in the very under-rated movie, Night Shift. These days he seems to be just about everywhere you look. He’s on Royal Pains on USA and the quite insane Childrens Hospital on Cartoon Network Adult Swim. He is also possibly the friendliest person on Twitter under the user name @hwinkler4real.

The book is a fast read because once you start, it’s hard to put it down. He seems like a genuinely good person and is not afraid to share glimpses of the many challenges he has encountered and overcome in his life. Most striking to me was when he wrote quite honestly about his relationship with his parents.


He is vulnerable, like many of us are, yet remains incredibly optimistic and driven even when, as he puts it, his career was in “a lull” a decade or so ago. I was glad that reading his book seemed to validate my assumptions that he seems to be one of the “good” people in show business.


I moved the television out of the kitchen today. It’s part of my attempt to reclaim certain parts of the house from technology. The kitchen seemed like a good place to start. Since what we have of a dining room is an off-shoot of the kitchen, I’m hoping that this decision will lead to more uninterrupted eating and quite possibly some unforced family conversations!


I got one of the hard-to-get, not-so-hard to get if you know where to look (hint:click here, fill it out, wait an hour) invitations to Spotify. Spotify is a new online streaming music service. Amazon and Google both have versions of the same type of service but the emphasis with them seems to be online storage. Spotify is trying to become your only music app. It intends to eat your iPod and your record collection.


I like Spotify. It has a nice interface and you can play just about any song you can imagine. If you don’t have a huge music collection, it’s perfect because now you do have a huge music collection albeit virtually. If you already do have a lot of the songs you like, you’ll probably miss the point of this. In 10 years, mp3’s may be as ancient as the box of tapes in my closet and the old vinyl albums and 45’s I keep in an endtable in the living room.

I’m not totally sold on this service because I grew up having to own music. My kids are growing up in a world where everything is virtual so they see no need to have material possession of items that they can just pull up as a file. The ownership means nothing. Spotify appears to be the way of the future and Amazon and Apple better be taking note or they will end up being the Camelot Music and Tower Records of 2015.


Onward we go into Friday. I am ready for the weekend even though I am already dreading the end of summer vacation and next week is the last week. The kids go back to school on Monday, August 1st. That means school supplies to buy and all sorts of new activities that will end up taking over the calendar. Summer goes by way too fast around here!