Just me and the dogs

The fam is out of town so I am here holding down the fort until they return. That has meant a lot of excitement since Wednesday:

  • Vacuumed the house
  • Got frustrated with the DVR and erased everything I had recorded to watch while I was here alone. Listened to podcasts instead
  • Scrubbed the grill
  • Went through the kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaned some stuff out of the attic
  • Cleaned up both kids rooms
  • Cleaned up all of the mess in the bathroom closet
  • Cleaned out from under all of the beds
  • Filled up three very heavy trash bags
  • Filled the trunk with stuff for the thrift store
  • Watched my normal two crazy dogs with one insane crazy dog guest
  • dogs
    They’ve worn each other out today so I am hoping that they will sleep through the night. Last night was up, down, up, down, up, up, down. It was hectic.
    I guess everyone better get back home before I throw everything away!