What is this weird substance falling from the sky and turning to steam as soon as it comes in contact with any object!


We didn’t get enough rain to really help but it was an interesting change and may have knocked down a little bit of the dust for a few hours. With the clouds, it didn’t flare up to feeling like it’s 150 degrees after the rain. It will be 99 tomorrow so we might as well enjoy it while we can.


Just a thought – do these people who follow me on Twitter think that by following me, I will follow them and then they can sell me whichever product they sell? This way of thinking appears to work. Look at this example of the latest unsolicited person that added me:


Only 1,650 people didn’t follow him back! I’m proudly part of the 1,650. I’m expecting that whatever marketing firm or unfortunate relative he is using to follow people will give up and unfollow me after a few days. That’s the only way I know of to explain the small “failure” rate unless people are really this gullible or in need of fake cyber attention.


I finally finished off and posted my page dedicated to all of the things I learned about the Alphasmart 3000. If you are reading this on Blogger, a link is available on a tab up at the top of the blog. If you are reading this on Wordpress, there is a link over to the right under Pages. The Alphasmart 3000 is a very-portable device that only does one thing and it does it well – very basic word processing.



Finally, this is where I whine about still being tired. I really got off of my daily schedule this week with no one here. I stayed up too late and didn’t sleep in enough to make up for it. Trying to get back in the groove at work today was ROUGH. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for decent sleep tonight versus waking up repeatedly last night. I woke up at 3:30AM wide-awake and ready to sit down at the computer. So, I drank no coffee today in anticipation of getting tired at a normal time so I can rise and shine for work starting at 6AM tomorrow.