Instead of attending the $70 a head 20 year class reunion last night, I attended a small get together mini-reunion Friday night that was much cheaper and probably far more enjoyable. Of the people there, I had only seen one of them since graduation. That’s twenty years of life out there to discuss but we spent most of our time passing around our senior year book and trying to remember the names of the teachers that had inspired us or we had conspired against.

We learned that just about all of us had gone to Disney World at some point in the last few years. We realized that we all had blank spaces in our memories but between all of us, we could pretty much fill in all of the details of anything we tried to recollect.

We also talked about the accidental joys of Facebook – those who overshared in high school are still oversharing now and we all get great enjoyment out of this.

The greatest lesson is that no matter what life has thrown at us, we’ve all persevered and we can look back now and have quite a lot to laugh about. To my old teachers, I can happily report that the Class of ‘91 has turned out just fine and maybe has even exceeded your expectations.

So, we talked until after midnight and since I am here solo this weekend and we had been talking about the old days, I guess ‘young me’ (who still lives on inside, likes to hear 80’s music, and can’t understand why I get winded mowing the lawn) convinced realistic ‘old me’ that I might as well hit Kroger on the way home. Why rush? I used to shop in the middle of the night in college. I can still do it now. I was getting the eggs when I started to feel just a bit tired so my body was telling me that I was too old for this even though I was ignoring it.

Dumb me.


Oh, and only self checkouts are open at 1:23AM. Who knew?

I’m already out. Might as well stop and get gas. Then, I might as well go by my in-laws house (they were out of town also) and pick up a laptop I was going to work on.

I drag in at 2AM. I put up all the groceries and now I’m too tired to go to sleep so I start on the laptop. I do some vacuuming. I put up the dishes. I watch Leno being repeated for the insomniacs.

At 4AM, the coma takes over and I drag to bed. At 6AM, the dogs need to go out. At 9AM, I wake up starving.

I drag around in the sleep deprived coma for the rest of the day. Saturday turns into a throw away.

Note to self – this is the reason you don’t stay up past 11:30PM for any reason.

Everyone returns today. I have all of the dishes clean and all of the trash out. My to-do list is not completely finished off but I accomplished quite a bit.

Going back to work tomorrow is going to be rough since this was the weekend that didn’t feel like a weekend.