Anti-Social (Networking)

My interest in Facebook is continuing to fade away. I might check it once a day just because I have a nice button on my bookmark bar in Google Chrome. Sometimes, I go down the line clicking the buttons in order and quickly remember “Ugh, it’s Facebook” and I just click the next button before it even opens. I rarely update my status and when I do, it’s typically via Twitter.




(I took this picture at sunrise this morning.)








Of my 244 “friends”, I think about 12 regularly update. The others are ghosts or lurkers or only update when they need to vent or celebrate. There are quite a few that I only “sort of know” – some are people I graduated from high school with who probably added the whole graduating class. I barely remember them and I am certain they barely remember me. I would leave Facebook but there are some people on there who I would completely lose track of if I left because I know them just well enough to give a comment or a like here or there but I don’t know them well enough to make the effort to sit down and write an email. That would be something I would have to work to maintain and I just don’t have that kind of energy.

I guess it all comes down to our “indirect” relationships vs. our “direct” relationships. If we are “indirect” friends, Facebook gives us the comfortable distance to successfully continue our “indirect” friendship that would most likely not translate into a “direct” friendship. I’m just too lazy to add any more people to the “relationship roster”. I enjoy my quiet time too much to try to invest in additional “direct” friendships. I have all of the facetime I need right now and sometimes it’s more than I need!

I added Google + and even invited several people and now I feel guilty about inviting people since I look at it like it is just one more social network to deal with.

So, I’ll just keep reading my favorite blogs and using Twitter and writing here and I’ll let the rest of it sort of just sit out there like a big virtual business card. If you need to get hold of me, just knock on my virtual door and I’ll do my best not to sit very still and pretend not to be home.




(The birds got them a nice new birdbath)