Fair Thursday

The kids love the fair. And, they love Christmas. I’m glad of this but I’m always a tad relieved when both are over.


We hit the fair jackpot last night. The clouds moved in about an hour before we got there and the wind from dying thunderstorms gave us a cool breeze for most of the night. Last year it was hot as fire.


Even better than the weather, the kids had friends there to ride with on everything so us old people didn’t have to ride a thing! I didn’t have to risk any of the motion sickness that I got at Beech Bend earlier this summer!


We were also smart enough to stay away from all of the super-unhealthy fried foods. I really wanted a funnel cake but we skipped it. Our stomachs all benefited from this decision.


A good time was had by all. We got home at 10PM and it was extremely difficult getting up this morning. I think I was in a fog from 6AM to lunch. And, thanks to the cold or sinus mess I now have, I’m back in the fog at 8:30PM and counting the minutes until I can slink off to bed.

Oh, here’s a bad picture (thanks, Blackberry) of the creepiest guy I saw at the fair last night. He was “manning” this ride by standing every still with his big cup and quite a scowl on his face.


Finally, here was the most entertaining part of the night for me. This was some sort of amateur square dancing thing. The impromptu electric slide with audience volunteers to “Achy Breaky Heart” was the highlight of my evening. The guy staring at me as I took the picture brought me even more joy.