Pepto Tuesday

Something has been “disagreeing” with my stomach all day long. I finally had to give up and drink some of the dreaded pink Pepto Bismol tonight just to try to regain some control over whatever craziness is happening to the internals. I don’t think I’ve used Pepto for many years but I’ve always kept a bottle for those special emergencies and mainly for the kids. As nasty as it tastes, it does work. What I hadn’t noticed is how fun they’ve tried to make the bottle look.


That super fun font and those graphics can’t hide the fact that it still tastes the same way it did 30 years ago when the bottle looked just like it tasted:


See – it just looked nasty. We need more truth in advertising and we need to stop dressing up products to give us a false expectation of fun and joy. Drink Pepto Bismol – it’s the fun exciting medicine for the new generation of people with the craps!

Just as I suspected – there is a tiny boat inside my stomach. That explains all of my troubles!